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For bloggers. Who also tweet.

Anyone who has tried to live-tweet and blog at the same time knows that this leads to madness.  Writing notes of talks you attend creates valuable blog content.  But interrupting your writing to tweet out precious tidbits of overheard wisdom to all your followers leads to cognitive overload, exhaustion, and most likely just giving up.

Tired of not being able write your blog and tweet at the same time?

We were, too.  And that’s why we wrote TweetScriber.  With TweetScriber, you can write your blog entries on your iPad in plain text, HTML or Markdown.  And when you write a pithy 140 character gem worth sharing right away, just click a button, and it’s tweeted.

While you are writing, you also see a live stream of the hashtag you’re using.  When you see something worthy of capturing or retweeting, just click on it, and it’s instantly retweeted or copied into your notes!

Keep increasing traffic to your blog by writing great content that’s ready to post, and at the same time, let all your Twitter followers know what you’re thinking with TweetScriber!